US citizens have been left either horrified or in hysterics following the freak appearance of a Pornhub banner during CNN’s presidential election coverage.

Anchors Wolf Blitzer and John King were discussing new voter counts in Pennsylvania when the Pornhub logo appeared in the top right corner of King’s screen.

The anchor reacted by quickly flicking it away before looking knowingly at one of the producers located out of shot. He then seemed to wipe his hand on his jacket before continuing.

The video has unsurprisingly gone viral on Twitter, with tens of thousands of retweets and likes. Sarky comments include ‘This election getting so stressful, CNN starting watching pornhub’ and ‘If you’ve had an election for more than 3 days seek medical help.’

However, many have pointed out that the popular clip is fake, posting the real version instead – where the Pornhub banner is simply a phone notification. Slightly unprofessional, true, but not as bad as porn!

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