Although production for many titles on Disney Plus has been halted due to the coronavirus pandemic, the What If…? series is continuing to be created.

This is because the Marvel Studio title is animated, so while no on site work is taking place, the show’s head of animation has reported that people are continuing their work at home.

There is little known about the series so far, which is scheduled for a summer 2021 release. Jeffrey Wright will voice the Watcher as a series narrator, and each episode will serve as a twist on an MCU film.

As a teaser, the first episode is attached to the question: ‘What if Peggy Carter got the powers from the Super Soldier Serum and Steve Rogers remained his scrawny self, but was given a super-powered suit of armor designed by Howard Stark?’

The only other things we know are that cast members will voice animated versions of the characters they play on screen, and Franck (head of animation) has said that ‘the level of talent and passion on the team is off the charts.’

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