While Mulan was originally intended for global theatrical release, the coronavirus pandemic caused repeated delays to the release date – until, eventually, Disney pulled it from theatrical release entirely.

Now, Mulan is set to be released exclusively on Disney Plus this September 4th (though theatrically in markets where Disney Plus has not launched). However, there is a catch – the film is only available at an additional cost.

While the cost for the US has already been confirmed as $29.99, we now know how much it will cost internationally to view the live-action remake.

The film is priced at CAD$34.99 in Canada, which is roughly $26.

In France, the film will be available at no extra cost – but it won’t be arriving on September 4th, with a new date not yet announced. The majority of European countries will get the film at €21.99, which works out again to around $26. This includes Spain, Italy, Ireland and Austria.

In the UK, Mulan will set subscribers back £19.99 – also about $26.

As for New Zealand, the cost will be NZ$39.99 ($26.08), and in Australia, the film will be AUS$34.99, or about $25.07.

So far, the price for India hasn’t been confirmed.

To watch Mulan this September 4th, check out a Disney Plus subscription.

As well as the new blockbuster, you’ll also be able to stream Disney’s entire entertainment catalogue – including the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Star Wars saga and plenty of classic and iconic animated movies.

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