The reunion episode for Parks and Recreation which aired on Thursday night has proven to be hugely popular.

In fact, it has raised $2.8 million for the Covid-19 Response Fund set up by Feeding America, meaning it was a big success.

In the half-hour special, Leslie Knope shoots the breeze virtually with other stars from the show, giving fans a chance to see how they’ve been doing.

The series came to an end in 2015, finishing with its seventh season, so it’s been half a decade since the characters were seen.

Contributions to the good cause are still being accepted, and all donations up to $500,000 have been matched by NBCUniversal, the writers, cast, producers and sponsors State Farm and Subaru of America.

The episode is now available to stream on Hulu, the NBC app, YouTube and Peacock, which Comcast is currently previewing in its premium tier ahead of its launch on July 15.

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