It’s safe to say that Netflix is feeling the heat right now, with the streaming service experiencing a drop in its stock in the last few days and competition from the likes of Disney+ and Apple TV+.

What’s more, two of the most popular TV shows of all time – Friends and The Office – have recently been taken from the platform in a deal won by NBC’s streaming platform and HBO Max.

In a bid to win projects which could go to competitor studios, Bloomberg reports that Netflix Inc will be playing filmmakers, actors and movie producers a bonus if their films experience success.

How would success be measured? This would depend on the film, with some receiving bonuses based on the number of awards they win, while others would be measured according to the viewership the content generates.

In the past, Netflix has typically offered upfront deals to those working on upcoming content. No back end deals have been provided, with Netflix instead covering the cost of production and paying producers an additional premium. This financial method has worked for the platform when it comes to TV.

Currently, Netflix has been known to pay bonuses to producers when their shows are picked up for a number of extra seasons. Furthermore, the stars of their most popular shows will typically have their salaries increased.

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