Netflix is often reluctant to release information about its original series, but there are external companies who are willing to provide this data instead. For example, Parrot Analytics report via Business Insider that The Witcher was the third most demanded US series.

Stranger Things and The Mandalorian beat it in the top two slots, but this is quite the feat considering that The Witcher has only recently come out. On IMDB, there is further proof that the show has been successful since its release, as it’s marked as one of the highest rated Netflix originals.

In order to measure popularity and demand, Parrot Analytics uses ‘demand expressions’. These are described as the ‘globally standardized TV-demand measurement unit that reflects the desire, engagement and viewership of a series weighted by importance.’

The Witcher has received its share of negative reviews alongside praise, but showrunner Lauren S Hissrich has taken to Twitter to say that negative reviews don’t get her down. She referenced a review which admitted that a number of pivotal episodes hadn’t been watched before an assessment was made.

A second season was ordered before the first one made its debut on the streaming platform, so it’s clear that Netflix sees potential in this new TV series.

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