Fans of Dr Pimple Popper will be on the lookout for new episodes streaming from popular reality and lifestyle channel TLC.

The good news is that tonight viewers can tune in to the network for several episodes of the medical show, with airings commencing from 7pm ET.

While the first two instalments are followed by an instalment of My Feet Are Killing Me, and all of them are repeats, there is a new episode of Dr Pimple Popper at 9pm.

The hour-long episode is the 13th in season 5, and comes with bonus scenes. Traci has bumps on her face, Ravon has a dangling growth on his leg and David has a big lump on his nose.

All of the episodes are bound to feature blackheads, cysts and more from the overuse of comedogenic ingredients, so tune in from 7pm or 9pm depending on how much you want to watch.

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