The series finale of The 100 is airing tonight at 8/7c on The CW, which means it’s in stiff competition with other top shows such as The Masked Singer on Fox. Fortunately, those who have been watching so far can expect an explosive final episode.

Jason Rothenberg told TVLine: ‘We’re going to try and wrap up as many things as we can. It’s a finale — and it’s a series finale on top of that — so there will be some surprise guests. Fans can have expectations of a certain scope and scale that I feel we’ve always been able to achieve in these finales.’

Fans have responded to sneak peeks of the finale with comments such as ‘Raven can not die. After all of this no I can’t handle it’ and ‘RAVEN HAS HER WAR FACE ON. SHE WILL PERSEVERE.’

Others have been somewhat disgruntled with the setup of the finale, saying ‘Still don’t get how this will be wrapped up in one episode. They should’ve made a 2 hour finale rather than one.’

The CW can be streamed live using a seven day free trial of fuboTV. There are plenty of other channels available to stream in this time period, such as ABC, Fox, History, Lifetime and ESPN.

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