Tiger King fans will be pleased to know that they’ll be getting another look into the wildly entertaining story of Joe Exotic with NBCUniversal’s new series.

Based on the second season of Wondery’s podcast Over My Dead Body, the series will follow the clash between Carole Baskin and Joe ‘Exotic’ Schreibvogel. Joe Exotic is currently the working title.

The series will see Baskin discover that Joe Exotic is breeding big cats, and the logline states: ‘She sets out to shut down his venture, inciting a quickly escalating rivalry. But Carole has a checkered past of her own and when the claws come out, Joe will stop at nothing to expose what he sees as her hypocrisy. The results prove dangerous’.

Those who’ve watched Netflix’s Tiger King docu-series will know that Baskin and Exotic’s rivalry lead to accusations that Baskin killed her husband, as well as an alleged plan to kill Baskin herself.

NBCUniversal’s series will star Kate McKinnon as Carole Baskin, while the role of Joe Exotic has not yet been cast. McKinnon will also executive produce, and the series will launch on Peacock and air on both NBC and USA.

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