Fans of The Young and The Restless will be excited to tune in to the long-running soap at 12:30pm ET today on CBS.

The latest episode sees Sharon navigating life after surgery and trying to work out what her new routine looks like.

Fans have lately been wondering what happened to Drucilla, and the answer requires taking a trip back in time to April 2007.

Played by Victoria Rowell, the character of Drucilla Winters tragically fell off a cliff and was presumed dead in a dramatic turn of events.

The event went down after an argument where Phyllis was ordering Sharon around during a shoot and Drucilla defended Sharon.

When Sharon and Phyllis got into a fight, Drucilla went to assist Sharon but ended up falling over the cliff with her.

While Sharon was found with injuries, Drucilla was left missing and presumed dead after search efforts proved to be in vain.

The Young and the Restless can be streamed daily at 12:30pm ET on CBS – or viewers can catch up with a free trial of CBS All Access before paying just $5.99 a month for unlimited content.

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