Harry Potter fans who don’t own a DVD player and the full box set of the classic movies in order will constantly be looking online for ways to watch the films.

Confusingly, the collection of wizarding titles is making another move between streaming platforms, which has left streamers wondering which platform they should be subscribed to for their Potter fix.

The latest on Potter’s whereabouts is that he is currently on HBO Max, but the movies are moving on August 25th – and their next destination is set to be Peacock.

From there, the movies will be on offer for a month or more before going to the broadcast and cable TV channels available with NBCUniversal.

If you’re still able to keep up, the next step is that the movies will jump back over to Peacock again in 2021 – but it looks like even that move will only last a few months.

The reason behind this jumping around is that Warner Bros signed the TV rights over to NBCUniversal back in 2016 – and rumour has it the deal was worth around $250 million.

If you want to stop jumping around between platforms, why not head over to Amazon Prime Video and look at the renting or purchase deals for the films? Otherwise, there’s a 30 day free trial for the platform that you can check out here.

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