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The cast of NBCUniversal’s hit show 30 Rock are reuniting for a one off special. ’30 Rock: A One-Time Special’ will air July 16th at 8pm ET, then will be available on new streaming service Peacock from July 17th.

However, you may have some difficulty watching the special. Some NBC affiliates, like KGW, will not show the reunion.

This is because the special will promote other NBC shows after the coronavirus pandemic caused the cancellation of the ‘upfront’ presentation in New York City, where NBC would normally advertise their upcoming content. Many station owners now believe the special is promoting Peacock. Of course, it’s reasonable that traditional TV stations may be nervous about a new streaming service – particularly as Peacock will have some current NBC shows available one day after broadcast for free.

Peacock comes in three price tiers – the free version, a Premium version for $4.99 a month with almost double the content of the free plan, then a Premium ad-free plan for $9.99 a month.

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