As Trolls World Tour has been hugely successful since its digital release on April 6, kids and adults alike across the globe are naturally wondering if a Trolls 3 will be coming out.

There is no solid news on whether a sequel to Trolls 2 will be coming out, but if it does, there will most likely be a four year wait.

This is because that’s the gap between the first and second movies, and there will be a lot of time needed to produce this level of animation again.

Another unanswered question is what plot lines would be picked up in a third movie, as the second movie has appeared to tie up all the storylines neatly.

However, we could see new challenges face Poppy and Branch, or a fresh threat from Queen Barb from the hard rock Trolls.

Trolls 2: World Tour is available for purchase now on Amazon Prime Video. The subscription service is available for new users with a 30 day free trial.

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