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The popular reality TV series 90 Day Fiancé highlights the challenges of love across borders, as each season sees the show’s participants either secure their love with a K-1 visa or return home single.

Regardless of whether the visa is secured, the hit TV series has always had a dynamic and somewhat controversial selection of participants – with that in mind, we look at where the most talked-about and interesting participants are now.

Ash and Avery 

The couple stated that they were together as their season ended, but they have since split with a peculiar reason as to why.

Avery, 32, reported a major catalyst for the breakup was Ash, 38, lying to her about dieting together and it seems this was one of too many lies.

Yolanda and Williams

Yolanda, 51, is an unfortunate example of online dating gone wrong, as she falls victim to catfishing during her attempt to meet her British boyfriend “Williams.”

Her children uncover and expose the identity of her boyfriend by hiring a private investigator, who reveals “Williams” was using fake pictures on his Instagram profile.

He has since deleted his account and stopped communicating with Yolanda.

Ari and Biniyam

Ariela, 28, was a recent divorcee on 90 Day Fiancé. While travelling around the globe she met and fell in love with Biniyam, 29, in Ethiopia.

She quickly became pregnant and in 90 Days Fiancé: The Other Way, we see her having doubts about her relationship. Despite this, Ari travels back to Ethiopia to allow Biniyam to be present for the birth of their child.

Blake and Jasmin

Blake, 29, and Jasmin, 27, have been a successful pair, having tied the knot at the end of their season and remaining together.

Music director Blake met Jasmin online, and he went on to propose in Jasmin’s home country of Finland.

Although friends and family felt Jasmin was simply using Blake for the K-1 visa, the couple have remained together and proven their love is real.

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Check out 90 Day Fiance episodes via fuboTV now.