Fans of 90 Day Fiance have been loving the story of Big Ed and Rose on season four of spinoff show Before The 90 Days.

54 year old photographer Ed, hailing from San Diego, went to the Philippines to pursue a relationship with his online love Rose Vega.

The pair had a rocky time together, as Ed asked her to take an STD test, requested she shave her legs and struggled to sleep in Rose’s modest living arrangements.

However, a bigger problem was on the horizon, as Ed had neglected to tell Rose he didn’t want any more kids. This wasn’t going to work for Rose, as she wanted two more babies.

When he finally got up the nerve to tell her, this was the final straw for the Filipino woman. The latest episode saw Rose explain how she had kept giving him a chance, but he kept behaving badly to her and so she was done.

90 Day Fiance episodes are available to watch online now. You can watch on Sling TV, and make the most of the latest episodes streaming during their Happy Hour promotion, which allows for free TV between 5pm and midnight.

Alternatively, fuboTV offers the latest episodes or the whole season so far to binge watch, and the first 7 days are a free trial.

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