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90 Day Fiance is the TLC show which people love to binge watch. Whether it’s the main show or one of the spin-offs, there is plenty of drama to enjoy.

Way back at the beginning of this show’s time on air, there were the season two couples – who shared their stories of experiencing love across borders.

Where are these couples now? We’ve got the latest on whether they are still married – or if the relationship ended in tears.

  • Chelsea and Yamir – Fans will remember Chelsea meeting Yamir in Nicaragua and his passion for music. The pair are divorced as of 2017, but keep in touch.
  • Danielle and Mohamed – Danielle met Mohamed online and went to Tunisia to meet him. When Mohamed moved to Ohio, he discovered many lies she had been keeping. Mohamed now lives in Texas, the pair are divorced, and she is trying to get him deported.
  • Justin and Evelin – The pair met in Colombia and work in teaching physical education. The pair are still married and announced they are expecting their first child in April 2020.
  • Brett and Daya – Brett met Daya from the Philippines online. The pair are still married and had a daughter called Isabelle in 2017.
  • Jason and Cassia – Jason’s friend was dating Cassia online, but then the pair began dating. Cassia moved in with Jason and his father. Jason was charged with domestic violence in 2018 and the pair are now divorced.
  • Danny and Amy – Danny met Amy in Australia during a Bible study trip. Amy lived with Danny’s brother so they could be virgins when they married. The pair are still married and have two children – a son, Jedidiah, and a daughter, Anna.

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