It’s safe to say that 90 Day Fiance is a massive franchise now, and top reality channel TLC is only continuing to expand the available series and episodes by filming more main shows and spin-offs. 

While it only ended fairly recently, it’s still hard to believe that season 6 of 90 Day Fiance began airing back in 2018. There were some classic moments to be seen with explosive couples such as Colt and Larissa, Eric and Leida and Steven and Olga.

So what have the couples been up to since the season finished airing, and are any of them still married? Here is our deep dive on what they’re all doing now:

90 Day Fiance season 6 cast (2018-19)

  • Ashley and Jay
  • Colt and Larissa
  • Jonathan and Fernanda
  • Kalani and Asuelu
  • Eric and Leida
  • Steven and Olga

Ashley and Jay

The pair appeared on 90 Day Fiance season 6 when Ashley travelled to Jamaica for a friends’ wedding. They began talking on social media, and Jay proposed when she went back to visit him. However, the pair unfortunately filed for divorce after they had been married for eight months.

In a turbulent turn of events, she withdrew the filing less than two weeks later. She filed again after claims that Jay was unfaithful, and then a restraining order was taken out against him. More drama ensued when Jay allegedly got another woman pregnant.

However, the pair celebrated their third anniversary in August 2020, with Ashley describing it as ‘a wild three years’ on her Instagram. 

Colt and Larissa

This pair has a chequered history to say the least. The pair chronicled their relationship on season 6 of 90 Day Fiance, and Larissa proved to be a demanding future spouse by complaining about life in Las Vegas – especially as Colt still lived with his mother, Debbie.

After marrying in June 2018, the duo got a divorce – but the drama didn’t stop there. Colt accused Larissa of domestic violence, and she was arrested three times during their marriage. Their divorce was finalised in May 2019 and both of them have moved on.

While Colt has been seen in spin-off episodes of the show pursuing a relationship with another Brazilian called Jess, Larissa has moved on with her boyfriend Eric Nichols. Larissa makes a living on sites such as OnlyFans, has invested a lot in plastic surgery and recently moved to Colorado with her partner. She was also recently let go from the 90 Day Fiance franchise by TLC for her risque content on various photo sharing platforms.

Jonathan and Fernanda

Fan favourites Jonathan and Fernanda first met at a club in Mexico, and Jonathan’s family members were shocked when he proposed to Fernanda just three months later. The pair were somewhat controversial due to their age gap, and Jonathan’s mother didn’t believe a potential marriage would last. 

They had a number of fights over the course of season six of 90 Day Fiance, with Fernanda suspecting Jonathan of cheating or being too friendly with other women on a number of occasions. Jonathan’s mother was ultimately proven right, as the pair are now divorced.

Jonathan confirmed the split in January 2019, by saying he gave 110% to his marriage but he now had to focus on himself. He said that he and Fernanda would remain friends, and Fernanda told a fan online that she would give her take on the separation when she was ready.

Kalani and Asuelu

Coming from a Samoan background, US-born Kalani visited Samoa and came back pregnant after meeting Asuelu. Her partner came over on a K-1 visa during season 6 of 90 Day Fiance, and by then he already had a son to step up for.

Several dramas were seen as the show aired, such as Kalani not trusting Asuelu with childcare and discovering to her shock that she was pregnant again – with fears that they wouldn’t be able to afford two children emerging.

However, the pair are still married and have two sons. They regularly post to the Instagram accounts – Kalani has over 500k followers, while Asuelu has almost 300k followers. Their sons are called Oliver and Kennedy. 

Eric and Leida

Eric met his partner Leida, who hails from Indonesia, after he posted a personal ad online. He went to her home country to visit her, and he proposed to her just 48 hours later. However, when Leida went to the US on the K-1 visa, there was some drama which went down.

Leida was clearly unhappy with Eric’s adult daughter still living in his flat, and she had been used to a more extravagant style of living. A restraining order was obtained in February 2019, although this was dropped further down the line.

The pair are still together to this day, and they recently bought a house. Leida posted about the milestone on Instagram, saying that they had been busting their asses and working very hard everyday, so they were finally ‘reaping their reward’ by making the purchase.

Steven and Olga

This couple had somewhat of a unique story on 90 Day Fiance, as Steven had met Russian-born Olga over a summer when she was visiting the US. She became pregnant before going back to Russia and Steven travelled there later to be there for the birth.

The pair had a turbulent time after the birth of their son, with the pair forced to remain long distance for a while due to passport issues. Fans criticised Steven for not being mature as a husband and father, especially as he was seen in episodes out drinking with friends on spin-off series 90 Day Fiance: What Now.

However, the pair are now living together in the US after getting married in Maryland in 2019. They are raising their son Alex together, who is now two years old.

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