2016 was a big year for many reasons, but one of them will only be known by reality show fans – in other words, it was the year 90 Day Fiance season 4 came out. Few can forget the explosive relationships which played out on air between pairings like Jorge and Anfisa, plus Chantel and Pedro.

Whether it was Anfisa kicking Jorge out and keying his car, or Chantel’s family growing suspicious of Pedro while she lied to them about how he got to the US, there was never a dull moment as this season aired. But what are the classic couples up to now? We take a closer look. Those who featured are as follows:

  • Jorge and Anfisa
  • Nicole and Azan
  • Narkyia and Olulowo
  • Matt and Alla
  • Chantel and Pedro

Jorge and Anfisa

Jorge appeared on the show with his Russian love Anfisa. Fans watched as Jorge struggled to provide a home for them both due to his criminal past, but Anfisa caused her own troubles too as she made it clear she demanded a lavish lifestyle with plenty of money being thrown at her.

The pair have moved on a lot since the season aired. Two years later, in 2018, Jorge was arrested for marijuana related charges when it was illegal in California. He used the time in prison to slim down and showed off his impressive weight loss recently. Last month, he posted to his Instagram account – which has nearly 300k followers despite only being active for a few months – with a photo of his new love.

Meanwhile, Anfisa has been busy too, growing her Instagram brand and training for various bodybuilding competitions. She demonstrates how she stays fit in videos on her Instagram, which has over 700k followers, and posts a lot of sultry photos to go with them. 

Nicole and Azan

Single mother Nicole, hailing from Florida, proved to be one half of a controversial couple on 90 Day Fiance season four, primarily due to the fact that her Moroccan-born boyfriend Azan made it clear he wanted her to improve her physical appearance. Saying he was only partially attracted to her, taking her to the gym and criticising her food choices for her daughter resulted in fans who couldn’t agree on whether Azan was out of order or not.

Meanwhile, Nicole was regularly getting annoyed with Azan due to cultural clashes such as having to sleep in separate rooms and not being allowed to show displays of affection in public in Morocco. However, the pair are still together – despite the fact that Azan doesn’t seem likely to be able to come to the US any time soon. Nicole is working on her weight loss and recently spent five months in Morocco with Azan due to coronavirus. She posts regularly on her Instagram account, which has over 600k followers.

Narkyia and Olulowo

On the show, it was revealed that Narkyia and Olulowo met on a dating site for plus sized women. They initially got on well, but Olulowo had been lying about the mother of his son and other details which quickly led to a rift forming. Furthermore, fans were incredulous when they saw Olulowo had told her he was a Nigerian prince. Despite all this, they still took a trip down the aisle.

Even more surprisingly, some may say, the pair are still married, and Narkyia has been working hard to lose weight. She underwent gastric bypass surgery and has been shedding the pounds ever since, posting about her journey on her Instagram page. The pair also recently had a baby daughter, who was born in August 2020. 

Matt and Alla

Season 4 saw Matt and Alla’s relationship journey tracked too. Alla hails from Kiev, Ukraine, and she moved to the USA with her son Max. Initially, they had been in touch online before Matt was married, but when they lost touch he married and divorced his third wife. Despite his friends’ concerns that Alla was using him for a green card, the pair got hitched.

In fact, they are still together to this day and the pair have a daughter together, named Emmalyn Grace Ryan. Born in April, she has grown plenty since, and Matt regularly posts photos of his little girl on his Instagram. Similarly, Alla also posts happy photos of her family on her Instagram.

Chantel and Pedro

One of the more high profile couples to come out of 90 Day Fiance season four is Chantel and Pedro. Memorably, Chantel’s family disapproved of the pair being together after it was revealed that the pair had been lying about how Pedro got a visa to enter the US. The explosive family drama led to the spinoff show The Family Chantel, where various confrontations and rows – including one where Chantel herself suspected she was the victim of a scam – aired.

However, the pair have remained married to this day, and the second season of The Family Chantel is set to air. One preview has shown how Pedro has been working on his weight loss since gaining 40lbs during his time in the US. Clips show him working on his fitness with Muay Thai and regular trips to the gym.

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