It may have been over half a decade ago, but for those of us who love watching 90 Day Fiance, all of the couples are still fresh in our minds. Besides, plenty of fans will be watching previous seasons or re-watching episodes to relive their favorite moments, so knowing what the cast are up to now is always going to be a source of interest.

These are the couples who were in 90 Day Fiance season 1, which aired in 2014:

  • Russ and Paola
  • Alan and Kirlyam
  • Louis and Aya
  • Mike and Aziza

Russ and Paola
Russ and Paola were clearly a besotted couple when we first met them in season one, but there were initially some cultural differences which proved to be obstacles they had to overcome. For one thing, Russ coming from Oklahoma and having conservative parents meant that Paola’s more liberal way of life – such as wearing skimpy clothing to the breakfast table – wasn’t going to go down well. 

After Russ lost his job, Paola began to seriously struggle with life in a small town after her previous experiences in her hometown of Brazil. The couple experienced further speed bumps when Paola went to Florida to pursue modelling work, and they lived apart for a while as Paola was keen to get some income for the couple. 

Despite all this, the pair are happily married and they welcomed a son called Alex in 2019. They both live in Miami now, and they have flourishing Instagram brands. Impressively, Paola has 1 million followers, and she promotes her workout and fitness business as well as posting regular cute photos of her husband and son. As for Russ, he isn’t far behind with over 300k followers.

Alan and Kirlyam

This couple drew criticism initially due to the way they first met – Alan was in Brazil on a Mormon mission when he was with her family, which included her…aged 12. However, Alan has assured fans there were no signs of romance between the pair at the time – and it wasn’t until she turned 20 (and he was 28) that their love story began. While Kirlyam initially wanted to embark on a modelling career, Alan’s jealousy proved to be an obstacle which couldn’t be overcome in order for her to follow her dreams. They were married in a Mormon ceremony and enjoyed a honeymoon in Hawaii.

Now the pair have a son called Liam, who was born in 2017. Kirlyam posts regularly to her Instagram page, which showcases a happy family with her husband and son. She posts a number of stunning selfies as well as family snaps, plus she has information about her mailbox in her bio. She has over 200k followers, and while Alan has fewer at over 50k, he is also regularly posting photos of his wife and child. He has a number of stories available to browse through, so fans can see what the family has been up to since the show aired back in 2014.

Louis and Aya

Divorced father Louis from Indianapolis met Aya, who hails from the Philippines, on an international dating site back in 2012. Louis proposed to his lady love after a visit which lasted a week, and the pair married in 2013 within the 90 day time period. The good news is that the pair are still married and live in America – but they visit the Philippines when they can.

As for their day to day lives, the couple are more private than others who have appeared on the show. Louis has under a thousand followers on Instagram and describes himself as a coach in his bio. He posts photos of his family and regular videos. As for Aya, she has a Twitter page – but it’s private, although she states she lives in Greenwood, Indiana.

Mike and Aziza

Mike, who comes from Ohio, met Russian Aziza on a language app and sparks were soon flying. The pair experienced some cultural differences when Aziza landed in the US on the spousal visa, including her being unwilling to sleep with Mike right away and worrying about her experience on the contraceptive pill. 

However, the pair did get married and they are still husband and wife to this day. They welcomed their daughter Olivia Joan in 2019, and Aziza regularly posts photos of her growing girl on her Instagram page. Mike doesn’t have as big an Instagram presence, but he also has a number of photos of his wife and daughter available.

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