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It can sometimes be hard to keep track of all the couples on 90 Day Fiance, but one of the more recent instalments was season 5.

There are plenty of memorable couples from this season, such as David meeting Annie in Thailand and Evelyn marrying David aged 18.

Here are the couples who appeared on the show and where they are now:

  • Elizabeth and Andrei – After meeting Andrei in Dublin, where he worked, the two made plans to wed. Elizabeth and her husband from Moldova now have a daughter called Eleanor Louise.
  • Evelyn and David – Hailing from New Hampshire, Evelyn met David from Spain when he messaged her on Facebook. The pair are still married.
  • Molly and Luis – Molly met Luis in the Dominican Republic while on holiday. The age gap between them proved controversial. The pair are now divorced, with Luis remarried and living in New Jersey.
    David and Annie – Another couple with a wide age gap, David met Annie in Thailand and his friend Chris sponsored her. The pair now live together in Scottsdale, Arizona.
  • Josh and Aika – Josh met Aika from the Philippines online, and Aika struggled with skepticism from his friends. The pair are still married but don’t appear to have children, as Aika wanted.
  • Nicole and Azan – Also appearing in season 4, the pair are in season 5 too. Nicole is mom to May in Florida and Azan is from Morocco. The pair had a turbulent relationship, which remains rocky to this day. They are not married but Nicole still goes to Morocco to visit Azan regularly.

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