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Few 90 Day Fiance fans will struggle to remember reality star Jorge Nava, who appeared on the show with his Russian fiance Anfisa.

The pair were talked about due to having a controversial relationship where Anfisa expected him to provide a lavish lifestyle and implied he was with her because she was pretty and thin.

In 2018, Jorge was incarcerated due to a felony marijuana possession. However, he has recently been released and has showcased an impressive level of weight loss.

He began a new Instagram account, and has over 250k followers. He shares inspirational posts, and details of his clothing collection. His handle is @mrjnava_.

Season four of 90 Day Fiance – which shows Jorge’s story from the start – can be streamed now on Hulu. In fact, the first five seasons are available with a 30 day free trial, so why not check out your exclusive offer with no obligation now?

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