It can be hard to keep kids entertained at the best of times, but it’s even more difficult during the coronavirus lockdown.

With many parents trying to work from home as well as homeschool their children, sometimes the best solution is to put them in front of a TV show or movie.

But how can you do that while also ensuring they stay educated? Fortunately, there are plenty of educational shows and documentaries on Netflix. Here are our top picks:

Ask the Storybots – Five creatures investigate the answers to big questions kids have like why we need to brush our teeth.

Brainchild – The science of the world is explained to children in a way they will easily understand – from germs to emotions.

Dino Hunt – Dinosaur fossils in Canada are investigated by the best scientists and paleontologists.

Dream Big – A documentary which explores the best engineering achievements across the world.

The Magic School Bus – Ms Frizzle and the Magic School Bus go on adventures to space, under the sea, inside the human body and more.

Cutest Animals – Looks at how being cute helps some species to survive in many different environments across the globe.

Kevin Hart’s Guide to Black History – Kevin Hart points to some of the most interesting contributions throughout black history.

The Mars Generation – Teenage ‘space nerds’ at Space Camp are following their dreams of going to Mars.

If you manage to burn through all of these, why not check out the huge range of movies on Amazon Prime Video? The platform is offering free childrens’ programming during the lockdown.

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