Apple TV Plus is entering the streaming services market at a time when there are plenty of other competitors around, from media giant Netflix to Disney Plus. However, Apple’s release plans for its content could give it a boost that would strengthen it compared to those who stick to the usual way of delivering on-demand movies and TV shows.

Apple is planning to release some of its biggest films from its streaming service directly to cinemas, with some saying that this method could be a targeted move to lure Hollywood towards the company – and away from Netflix.

The tech giant announced it would be giving cinema chains a chance to show three of its new movies, which would mean they wouldn’t debut on the streaming platform for a little while – potentially four weeks later.

Industry insiders are interpreting the plan as a way to attract well-known directors and producers so they can up the prestige of the people who work on their content. It will also add a glamorous feel to the releases, making them more appealing to customers.

Traditionally, Netflix has followed a strategy whereby movies owned or produced by the company are released on its service and in cinemas at the same time. This strategy has been known to alienate cinema companies.

The three films which will be available in cinemas to begin with are Hala – a drama with suburban Chicago as its backdrop – a nature documentary called The Elephant Queen and a period piece called The Banker.

Apple TV Plus is part of the tech company’s plans to increase revenue using ongoing subscriptions and digital services in light of smartphone sales languishing on a global scale.

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