The coronavirus pandemic caused a lot of disruption to the entertainment industry – and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier was one of many productions affected.

Filming had to shut down early due to COVID-19, and the series’ premiere has been delayed with no new release date announced.

Fans will be pleased to know that filming has resumed, however – with a new video posted to Twitter apparently showing a fight scene from the set.

The video is too distant to make out who’s fighting who, but what is clear is that one of the combatants is holding a round shield. The lack of the Falcon’s wings suggests that the shield-holder could be US Agent.

As for the other character, that’s harder to guess – though they appear to have a ponytail, suggesting they could possibly be Sharon Carter.

A second video shows three characters seemingly facing off in the same scene, but again it’s impossible to tell who is who.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will likely hit Disney Plus sometime late this year or early next year.

Until then, check out a Disney Plus subscription to stream the Marvel Cinematic Universe – including the Captain America trilogy.

Disney Plus also holds the entire Star Wars saga and many classic movies, so there’s plenty to enjoy on the streamer.

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