Once again, WandaVision has masterfully left us with many more questions than we have answers. For example, why is the tune at the end of the episode so terrible? Who knew that Vision and Darcey would be such a cute pair of friends? Why was Darcey’s fake-world character so flat and unbelievable?

It sounds like I’m being pretty harsh, and the truth is, I do love to look for plot holes and tear things apart. I’m struggling to see how SWORD is going to stop Wanda, though, I’ll give them that much. The only person who is doing anything is Monica – and she’s just being downright reckless, running into walls of goodness knows what.

If you’re part of SWORD, are the only options being some kind of dictator ruler who marches anyone going against them off the site, being so reckless you risk your life multiple times a day, or being intelligent but powerless? Because honestly, I don’t see any other character profiles out there.

So, are we to now assume that Agnes has been engineering everything so far, including the mockumentary-style interviews which were designed to ‘break the fourth wall’ in this episode? Because if so, I’m not sure how I can buy it.

Sure, she may have been the one behind the camera for these ‘talk right to the camera’ moments, but how could she be the mastermind when it’s clearly Wanda who is controlling the world they are all living in?

If she is controlling the fake reality somehow, one presumes, therefore, she’s been the one responsible for all the glitches. Is she responsible for Vision being aware that something isn’t quite right, or is that just a power he gets because he’s an Avenger?

Is she responsible for Pietro showing up? Because he seems to be somewhat of an anomaly. Although Wanda is now clearly someone who attracts dead people. Speaking of dead people, I still want to know if those two kids will disintegrate like their father if they try to leave the Hex. Macabre, I know. But don’t tell me the same question hasn’t crossed your mind…

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