Apple TV+ is finally here, and there is a whole host of content to enjoy on the new streaming platform. Notable names include Oprah, Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Jason Momoa.

Here is everything you need to know – and our latest coverage of the launch.

When does Apple TV+ launch?

Apple TV+ launched to the public on Friday, November 1, and is on offer for $4.99 a month after a seven day free trial.

How can I watch the content?

All of the content on Apple TV+ is ad-free and can be downloaded to be watched online. Any device which can access Apple’s new TV app can be used to watch content on the new platform.

The app aggregates several apps and streaming services as well as being home to its new original content.

Non-Apple devices can also use the app – such as Samsung smart TVs which are 2018 or 2019 models, Amazon Fire TV and Roku.

The good news is that LG TVs, Sony and Vizio will soon also be integrating the Apple TV app. Airplay 2 can be used to set it all up in the meantime if you wish.

The app can also be used in browser mode, by accessing on Safari, Firefox and Chrome web browsers.

Can I get Apple TV+ for free?

While Apple TV+ is available for $4.99 a month after a free seven day trial, some are able to get the service for free for a year if they purchase a new iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV or iPod Touch.

Furthermore, students who use the Apple Music student plan at $4.99 a month will be able to get the TV+ subscription for free.

You can also set up an account using the Family Sharing feature, as one subscription can support six accounts.

What shows are available on Apple TV+?

See is a post-apocalyptic fantasy drama based on the premise that the gift of sight has been obliterated. When a set of newborn twins are born with the sense, the tribes across the Pacific Northwest are divided – should this new wave of humanity be protected or destroyed?

The Morning Show chronicles the lives of two women navigating a high-powered, high-pressure workplace, and explores the world of morning news.

Dickinson is a comedy series set in the 19th century, but with more ties to the present day than you might think. Starring Hailee Steinfeld, this is a coming of age story for the millennial generation.

The Elephant Queen is a wildlife documentary which centres on a family of elephants. When the dry season comes and the waterholes dry up, the elephants have to go on a treacherous journey to find refuge until the rainfall comes around again.

For All Mankind takes on an alternative reality, where the space program remained at the forefront of American goals. This tale is told from the perspectives of astronauts, engineers and their loved ones.

Helpsters is a live-action series from the makers of Sesame Street, aimed at the pre-school audience. It presents Cody and the Helpsters, a team of monsters who work to solve problems in fun and vibrant ways.

Oprah’s Book Club sees the talk show host resurrect her classic feature by hand-picking a book, recommending it and interviewing an author in front of a studio audience in order to build connections with people on the biggest scale possible.

Snoopy In Space is a series of 12 animated shorts with the well-known Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang. You’ll see Snoopy working to achieve his dreams and taking on a huge goal – becoming an astronaut with NASA.

Ghostwriter tells the story of a ghost which haunts a local bookstore and begins releasing made-up characters into the world. To tackle the situation, four kids take on the mystery surrounding the ghosts’ unfinished business.

Servant is a psychological thriller which tells the tale of a Philadelphia couple in mourning. After a terrible tragedy causes issues with their marriage, this allows a strange force to come into their lives. COMING SOON

Hala tells the story of a 17 year old Pakistani American teenager who has a lot to juggle, from religious obligations to cultural expectations and meeting what her family expects. But she’s struggling with a secret which could tear her family apart. COMING SOON

Truth Be Told explores what happens when new evidence causes podcaster Poppy Parnell to look at a murder case again, ultimately leading to her coming into contact with the man she could have mistakenly helped send to jail. COMING SOON

Little America looks at the stories of immigrants in the US, exploring the funny, romantic and inspiring tales beyond the headlines. COMING SOON

The Banker looks at how two businessmen confront the racially oppressive atmosphere of the 1960s to help other African Americans pursue the American dream. COMING SOON

Little Voice examines the musical hub in New York and documents the journey everyone undergoes towards finding their own unique voice during their early 20s. COMING SOON

What’s the latest news on the launch?

Apple TV+ is officially live!

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