A new episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians aired on September 24th, and we’ve got a recap filling you in on everything you need to know.

The episode sees the family’s fears about the COVID-19 pandemic grow, while the prank against Kris continues to grow and Kim travels to Paris for Kanye West’s Yeezy Fashion Show.

The Prank

There was some light hearted fun in the form of Scott and Khloe admitting to Kris that the paparazzi photos were a prank. Kris is completely stunned – but quickly gets onboard with keeping the prank going against Kim.

Kris calls Kim while she’s in Paris and tells her she’s planning on going to rehab, which causes Kim to panic and contact her sisters to ask whether they should confess to the prank. Khloe says they should keep going, but Kim starts to feel guilty about how far things are going.

Then Kris calls Kim pretending to be checking into rehab, and Kim finally admits that it’s been a prank all along.

Kris acts like she’s shocked, while Kim starts to panic again. Before things can go too far, Kris walks into the room and tells Kim she’s been pranked back, to Kim’s relief.

The Puppy

Meanwhile, Kris and Corey are still raising their new puppy together. Corey is head over heels for the poodle, but Kris starts to get jealous.

Kris misses a dog training class because she’s too tired to go, so Corey hatches a plan to show her how important it is they both care for the puppy equally.

Corey takes the puppy out to lunch with them and even feeds her organic chicken. Kris, to cope with her jealousy, decides to dress up as a Dalmatian and surprise Corey.

Things work out, though, because Corey says he knows both Bridget and Kris are important, and that he’ll be better from now on. He also makes the point that he’s been taking care of the puppy pretty much alone, and that he wants to co-parent the dog.


The Pandemic

Even if you’re watching KUWTK to escape from the real world, it’s impossible to avoid in this episode – the family talk about the strange new virus starting to spread across the world.

It turns out that, even though the whole family were supposed to go to Paris for Kanye’s show, in the end only Kim and Kourtney made the journey – with everyone else too worried about COVID-19 to travel.

Despite a lot of uncertainty, Kanye’s show goes ahead despite the coronavirus – but not without a lot of stress, with Kim struggling into her latex outfit, then running late.

We also get to see the adorable sight of North rapping at the show, with Kim comparing her confidence to her dad’s.


Luckily, the Kardashians made it home before travel restrictions hit France.

As for the next episode, the promo shows Scott concerned he might have contracted COVID-19.

The Kardashians recently announced that they were bringing KUWTK to an end – which you can read more about here.

KUWTK airs on E! at 8pm ET every Thursday. You can stream E! with a 7 day free trial from fuboTV.

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