Fans of Harry Potter have been sent to various streaming platforms in their mission to watch the collection of movies in recent months.

However, it looks like those subscribed to HBO Max are set to have a whole new series of magical content gifted to them in the future.

According to sources obtained from Variety, there is a Harry Potter TV series in early development at HBO Max, with conversations reportedly taking place with a number of potential writers.

The news is still secret on an official level, as Warner Bros and HBO Max said in a statement that ‘There are no Harry Potter series in development at the studio or on the streaming platform’.

It is likely that, once writers have been attached to the project and other boxes have been ticked, an official confirmation will be released.

At present, there is no confirmation about what the show will focus on, or which point in time it will be set in – as Harry Potter fans will know, the books span over half a decade and watch the title character grow from the age of 11 to an adult.

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