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Big Ed and Rose have been two of the biggest breakout stars on 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days season 4.

Fans have watched the pair navigate their relationship after 54 year old photographer Ed travelled from San Diego to the Philippines to meet 23 year old Rose Vega.

However, the relationship was rocky to say the least. At the airport, Rose realised that Ed had lied about his height and was actually four foot eleven.

Later, Ed was bothered that Rose didn’t want to talk about her past and asked her to take an STI test. He also gave her mouthwash, saying that her breath smelled.

Unfortunately, recent episodes of the season have seen Rose finally give up on trying to make it work with Ed and walking away. Fans have seen Ed return to the US and tell his mother that it didn’t work out.

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Watch 90 Day Fiance episodes free on fuboTV now.