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David Murphey is one of the stars of season 4 of 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days. Fans watched as he spent a ton of time and money on speaking to his online Ukrainian girlfriend Lana and travelling to try and meet her.

Much to our astonishment, Lana was revealed to be real and turned up during one of David’s attempts to meet her. The meeting was especially surprising as a private detective David had hired had recently said she was fake and a scammer.

Now the pair have been on their first date, as revealed in the latest episode of the season. David and Lana are also seen bowling, where David revealed he used to be a professional bowler.

Lana and David strike a deal where David can kiss Lana if he gets a strike, but David uses his professional skills to quickly land a strike before getting his kiss.

The episode showed a photo of a much younger David bowling, as he told TLC producers that he had done it professionally in his youth.

The 60 year old seems smitten with Lana after finally meeting her, but 28 year old Lana is a bit more cautious about progressing with their relationship.

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