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Even though the latest season of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days is now over, fans are still reeling after the explosive tell-all episodes.

In particular, one shocker was the revelation Avery provided where she claimed that Darcey’s ex Tom had texted her after discovering she and Ash had split.

While the tell-all had revealed Avery and Ash were no longer together, fans had been initially confused when Tom said he didn’t want to talk if Avery was around.

Host Shaun Robinson asked why Tom had a problem with Avery, but Tom said the situation was ‘bullsh*t’ and turned his camera off.

This led to Avery revealing that Tom had texted her when he found out she was single. Meanwhile, Tom had managed to regain civil relations with Darcey and apologised for his outburst in New York.

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