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There are plenty of stand-out couples in the latest season of 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days. In season four, one of those couples is Geoffrey and Varya.

Fans will know that Geoffrey made the trip from Knoxville to Russia to meet his online love Varya. After some initial awkwardness, it wasn’t long before they were getting on well.

However, Varya was floored when Geoffrey revealed he had a criminal past and had spent time in prison for drug dealing. Ultimately the revelation resulted in her rejecting his marriage proposal.

Now, Geoffrey has moved on back home with his ex and old friend Mary. As a love triangle emerges in the show between Geoffrey, Varya and Mary, fans have done some investigating and discovered that Mary has some history too.

To be precise, there are reports that Mary was arrested in 2013 due to a charge of domestic violence with aggravated assault. The incident took place with her previous boyfriend.

The person in question claimed that Mary threw glasses at him and bit his nose, arm and chest. Mary was sent to jail, where her bail was set at £1000.

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