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Geoffrey and Varya are one of the couples who feature on the current season of 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days.

After meeting Varya online, Geoffrey travelled to Russia from Tennessee to pursue a relationship with her.

However, the trip ended in tears after Varya rejected his marriage proposal, wanting to wait instead – but Geoffrey saw it as the end of the relationship.

In fact, he decided to move on when he got back home by getting back in touch with his ex Mary. He said: ‘Mary is a very special person to me. She knows me really well.

‘Things didn’t work out in the past. We were not on the same timeline, but I truly feel this time it could be different.’

Meanwhile, Mary said: ‘I know that Geoffrey proposed in Russia, but as soon as he got back, we started hanging out.

‘This has been some years in the making, this isn’t overnight. So I’m excited. I just want to make sure he’s as in as I am.’

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