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There are a number of memorable couples on every 90 Day Fiance season, whether it’s the main show or one of the spinoffs.

90 Day Fiance season 6 saw its fair share of drama, with the final episode airing at the beginning of 2019.

The main show sees American citizens fall in love with people from abroad and bring them to the US on a fiance visa – where they must marry in 90 days.

The full list of couples is as follows:

  • Colt and Larissa – The pair met online and Larissa went to Vegas to be with Colt. The pair are now divorced.
  • Jonathan and Fernanda – The pair were married and Fernanda moved from Mexico to the US. However, they divorced after seven months.
  • Ashley and Jay – Ashley met Jay in Jamaica, and the pair have had an on/off relationship. Jay’s cheating issues impacted them heavily, and it’s unclear where they currently stand.
  • Kalani and Asuelu – Kalani met Asuelu in Samoa and returned to the US pregnant. The pair are still happily married and have two sons together.
  • Eric and Leida – The main issues with this pair came with Eric’s children disapproving of Leida. Domestic violence reports have arisen since the show, and divorce rumours have circulated.
  • Steven and Olga – Steven met his Russian partner when she visited the US, and she became pregnant. The pair are now living together in the US with their son.

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