Those who are subscribed to Amazon Prime Video can look forward to a whole host of new titles which have been released either yesterday or today. From Eddie The Eagle to 30 Days of Night, here’s what you can get stuck into over the weekend.

30 Days of Night

This classic movie came out back in 2007 and is ideal for a scary night in. Directed by David Slade with Melissa George and Josh Hartnett in starring roles, the focus is a town in Alaska which goes into darkness for a month every year. There are vampires who take over the town during this period, but this time a couple is taking a stand.

Crazy Stupid Love

An iconic rom-com which is ideal for a rainy Sunday morning or date night. This film came out in 2011 and stars big names such as Steve Carrell, Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone and Kevin Bacon. When Cal is told his wife wants a divorce, he begins picking up women at a bar after advice from a new friend called Jacob.
Eddie The Eagle

Those with an interest in sports, Olympics or simply action-packed scenes, will enjoy this 2016 movie. Young Michael Edwards dreams of being a champion in the Olympics and realises he could be a ski jumper – but he is constantly belittled by his father and others in the industry.

John Carpenter’s Vampires

Also known as simply Vampires, this movie came out in 1998 and is classified as a Neo-Western action horror film. Adapted from the novel by John Steakley with the same name, it features James Wood as the leader of a group of vampire hunters who seek an ancient relic which would allow vampires to be outside during the day.

Grudge 3

The final instalment in the Grudge trilogy, which came out in 2009, this horror movie also falls under the mystery and thriller categories. Naoko is able to stop her sister’s evil spirit, so she travels to Chicago in order to end the curse – but will she be able to save the family being haunted?

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