Rick and Morty fans are eagerly awaiting season 5 of the hit animated comedy.

Some spoilers for season 5 can be found in a short clip released back in July during Adult Swim Con.

The unfinished clip saw Rick and Morty on a galactic adventure, with a giant, alien monster hot on their heels.

When the duo landed in the ocean back on Earth, a clam emerged from the water and revealed someone inside – who Rick claims is his ‘nemesis’.

There aren’t any other spoilers out, but co-creator Dan Harmon did share a teasing Instagram post with some pretty funny ideas for season 5 – like ‘Morty buys a boat’ or ‘planet powered by chips + salsa’.

As for season 4’s arrival to Hulu, there’s no set date yet. But while you wait, seasons 1-3 of Rick and Morty are available to stream on Hulu with a 30 day free trial.

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