As NCIS continues to air, we have seen the fates of several characters play out – but fans are particularly interested in what happened to Kensi and Granger.

Kensi has had a rough time in recent seasons. For example, season 8 saw her kidnapped by a man from physical therapy following her helicopter crash injury.

Season 9 saw Kensi almost risk her life in a dangerous situation with a nuclear launch – and then in her personal life, her wedding was called off.

In seasons 10 and 11, there is happier news for her and Deeks, with their wedding and plans to try for children.

Recent episodes of season 12, currently airing, have seen fans view heartbreaking phone calls between Deeks and Kensi as they spend extended time apart.

As for Granger, the actor who played him – Miguel Ferrer – was acknowledged back in the March 5 episode of 2012.

The actor tragically passed away of cancer on January 19 that year – and in the show, he was revealed as being stabbed during a mole hunt.

He then disappeared from the hospital after pulling out his IV. He left a note for Hetty which read ‘I have some unfinished business to take care of. I’m sure you’ll think of something…You always do.’

The tribute which followed read ‘In loving memory of our friend, and colleague, whose strength and kindness will forever inspire us all.’

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