Quibi has launched its mobile focused streaming service today, offering a range of short titles with top celebrities.

We’ve put together an expert review of the app, which is currently providing a 90 day free trial to reel people in.

The app

The user interface is fairly intuitive. Sign-up is quick and easy, and payment being linked to Google Play means the process is complete in just a few taps.

Once you’re in, the options are For You, Browse, Following and Downloads. The first tab lets you swipe through content such as I Promise, Last Night’s Late Night, Thanks a Million and Murder House Flip.

Each pick auto plays a preview to let viewers know what they’re in for, and there’s a short description of the show.

Meanwhile, the Browse feature divides content into Daily Essentials News, Daily Essentials Lifestyle, Trending, and More to Explore. There’s groups under this final category such as Laugh Out Loud, Adrenaline Rush, True Stories and Be Inspired.

The content

When I streamed Thanks A Million, it loaded in portrait mode and was a little juddery to begin with. Then it levelled out.

The show immediately got viewers pulled into the story and pulled on heart strings.

The ‘time elapsed’ tool was on the right hand side, instead of at the bottom as it is with many competing streaming services.

Overall, the content appears immersive and entertaining, playing in a high quality after a slightly shaky start.

The price

Many people want to know if Quibi costs money. After the 90 day free trial, customers have two options – $4.99 a month with ads, and $7.99 without.


Quibi is a unique way for people to stream content, as it’s like Netflix and Instagram all in one. Only time will tell if the price is worth it, so the next 90 days will be key during the trial period to see if the content is as addictive as it looks.

To find out more about the Quibi content lineup, click here. Or to learn about what Drake is planning with Quibi, the latest is here. Finally, information about the free trial is right here.

In other news, Amazon Prime Video has been working hard to create an impressive content slate of movies and TV shows.

With over 14,000 movies, the platform has over three times as many films as competitors like Netflix!

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