A new trailer for 90 Day Fiance has been revealed, which is teasing the upcoming season 8 of the hugely popular reality show on TLC.

There are both new and existing couples coming to the show this time around, and there isn’t too long to wait as it begins on December 6.

Rebecca and Zied, who were on Before The 90 Days in the past, are seen on the main show now, with teasers revealing that Zied gets a huge arm tattoo.

Meanwhile, Tarik and Hazel’s relationship from Before The 90 Days continues and Hazel reveals she is bisexual – even getting a girlfriend, so the trailer hints.

New couples include conservative Brandon and his Russian partner Julia, Jovi and Yara and Andrew and Amira.

There is clearly trouble on the horizon for the latter pairing as Amira is revealed to end up stuck in a detention center – presumably due to immigration issues.

To watch season 8 of 90 Day Fiance, tune into TLC on Sunday, December 6 2020, at 8pm ET.

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