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Fans of 90 Day Fiance have been eagerly tuning into season 4 of Before the 90 Days, where couples include Yolanda and Williams, Lana and David – and Big Ed and Rose Marie, who are possibly proving to be the most popular.

The episode coming up on TLC on Sunday shows 54 year old Ed continuing his trip in the Philippines with Rose, where he has met her for the first time after getting to know her online.

ET has revealed that the upcoming scenes reveal Ed and Rose at dinner, where she is hoping for a proposal, but Ed isn’t ‘100 percent sure’ about whether he will have a relationship where she will love and respect him, and not ever leave him.

Recently, Ed has spoken out about his concerns that Rose sees him as a ‘meal ticket’ and a way out of the Philippines for her and her four year old son Prince. The 23 year old currently lives in humble circumstances behind her sister’s shop.

FuboTV has the Ed and Rose episodes available on demand to stream, and Sling TV is another option.

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