Watching Disney Plus is quickly becoming a way of life, as the streaming service offers the entire vault of old content plus new originals.

However, sometimes technical issues crop up and error codes will appear. This can be frustrating, so we’ve compiled a list of the most common errors and what they mean.

Error Code 4 – There is a transaction problem. Check your billing details. Sign out then back in again if there is no issue there.

Error Code 5 – An issue with your login information. Double check your information and try again.

Error Code 7 – A problem with your password, email address or other type of information being entered.

Error Code 8 – An invalid email and password combination has been used.

Error Code 9 – Either a login or payment problem. Ensure you haven’t been accidentally logged out, and double check your payment information.

Error Code 11 – Content problem. Some titles aren’t available in other locations. Using a VPN with Disney Plus may negatively impact your experience.

Error Code 13 – Too many devices are being used at once with the service. Sign out of the ones not being used too often.

Error Code 22 – Content is restricted. Check the account isn’t in Kids Mode then try again.

Error Code 24 – There is a problem with the login or connection. Try signing out then back in, check your internet connection and billing details.

Error Code 25 – Disney Plus itself is having some problems. Wait a little while, sign back out and in again, or contact support.

Error Code 30 – There is a problem with the device registration. Make sure the device is compatible with Disney Plus.

Error Code 31 – There is a location issue. If the platform isn’t available in your location, don’t try using a VPN to bypass that. Reset the location settings on your device.

Error Code 32 – A login or password problem. Double check your information, sign out and back in again.

Error Code 35 and 36 – Check the account settings as this indicates restricted content. You may be in Kids Mode, or have the wrong location settings.

Error Code 38 – Time settings are not aligned. Change the setting to automatic or align it to world clock time on your device.

Error Code 39 – Appears if a user is streaming on a gaming console or too many devices at once. Try restarting the device or logging out of some of them.

Error Code 41 – A playback problem. The servers are overloaded. Reboot your device or wait a while.

Error Code 42 – Either Disney Plus is having problems or your internet isn’t working properly. Sometimes being patient is the only option if it isn’t a problem at your end.

Error Code 66 – A relatively new error code which appears on Hulu. Impacts users in specific countries and may indicate a VPN is being used. Refers to no legal documents being available.

Error Code 73 – The content isn’t available in your location. Disable any VPNs being used. Disney Plus is still rolling out across the globe.

Error Code 76 – Reports suggest this issue crops up when there is a traffic spike in your region causing the servers to overload. Can happen with new movies or episodes. Restart your device or be patient.

Error Code 83 – Usually appears when a user is browsing content with their location turned off, or using a VPN which the platform has detected.

Error Code 86 – Account has been blocked due to breach of terms of service. Contact Disney Plus support.

Error Code 87 – A login or password problem. Check your information, sign out then back in, and reboot your device.

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