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HBO Max has just launched in the US, with fans excited to stream classic titles such as Friends, Rick and Morty and The Big Bang Theory.

However, while many devices are compatible with the new streaming service, one notable missing device is Roku.

The reason behind this is that Roku does not yet have a version of the WarnerMedia app.

A WarnerMedia spokesperson said to Variety a few weeks ago that negotiations were ongoing to ensure HBO Max would be available on Roku devices.

Roku appears to be engaging in negotiations which will result in a deal which benefits them as well as HBO Max.

A statement from the company reads: ‘We are focused on entering into win-win distribution agreements with all new OTT services as part of their launch strategies.

‘While we don’t typically comment on specific deal terms or negotiations, the fact is that in this instance while we believe that HBO Max would benefit greatly from distribution on Roku at launch, we do not currently have an agreement in place.’

In the meantime, you can view the full list of compatible devices here or read about how to bypass non-compatible devices for streaming on TV here.

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