The Boys has been airing regularly on Amazon Prime Video, with fans tuning in for season 2 of the raucous drama – with the season finale coming up very soon.

The trailer for episode 8 has plenty of spoilers for fans to enjoy. Titled What I Know, the instalment sees Homelander land in a field. Then Hughie warns Billy that they can’t ‘just kill everyone’ – ominous…

Meanwhile, the response is ‘that is exactly what we’re going to do’, which will be almost expected for those who know about the comic. Elsewhere, A-Train has some intel for Hughie and Starlight, which makes Hughie suspicious.

Confusion has arisen when we see a closeup of Homelander’s face as he tells reporters that ‘we are here to serve and protect you’, with anticipation for the final instalment reaching a high.

From Friday, October 9 2020 on Amazon Prime Video, the series finale of The Boys will be streaming. Those wanting to binge the whole second season will be able to sign up for Prime Video with a 30 day free trial, so they can try before they buy.

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