The season 2 finale of The Boys finally dropped yesterday, and it delivered even more explosive action, chaos and irreverence than we could’ve expected.

The last episode, titled ‘What I Know’, wrapped the season up fairly neatly – but did leave a couple of loose ends, as well as a a massive cliff-hanger.

Check out our recap of the episode below.

Compound V

As you’ll surely remember, the episode before this one ended with an absolute blood bath when heads at the congressional hearing started blowing up seemingly randomly.

After that disaster, Compound V has been authorised for distribution to law enforcement. The situation is now more dire than ever for the Boys.

The Seven

The Boys are ready to go all out on the Seven, which will surely be a suicide mission – and useless against Vought. Hughie and Starlight scramble to stop them, but the most sympathetic member of the Seven, Queen Maeve, won’t testify against Vought.

Help comes from a very unexpected source – A-Train has tons of proof that Stormfront was a Nazi back in World War 2, which is sure to destroy her fan-favorite image. He hands it over to Starlight and Hughie as part of his plan to re-join the Seven once Stormfront is kicked out.

Ryan and Becca

Meanwhile, Ryan was taken away by Homelander and Stormfront at the end of last week’s episode. A frantic Becca shows up at the Boys’ doorstep, and Butcher resolves to help her.

What he actually does is strike a deal with Edgar. Vought will grab Ryan back, and then they’ll get to keep him – with Butcher and Becca guaranteed safety.

Luckily, Butcher realizes he can’t go through with that plan, so Becca and Ryan manage to stick together for the moment.


Stormfront arrives on the scene then, and things go from bad to worse for the Boys.

With her lightning powers, Stormfront crashes the car Becca and Ryan were escaping in with Mother’s Milk. They’re both fine, but Stormfront is a deadly threat, and she’s undeterred by the leak of her Nazi past – she tells the Boys that no one will believe the proof, falsely claiming that the pictures are deep fakes. She points out that people love what she’s been saying, they just balk at the word Nazi.

Girls Get It Done

Remember Vought’s girl power slogan earlier in the season? Well, it certainly proves true now.

A superpowered battle between Kimiko, Starlight and Stormfront breaks out. Stormfront breaks Kimiko’s neck, and all hope seems lost as she advances on the Boys while their bullets bounce right off her.

But Maeve arrives just in time. She immediately starts throwing punches, and Kimiko quickly heals from her broken neck.

Kimiko, Starlight and Maeve overwhelm Stormfront with a flurry of punches and kicks, until she escapes by flying away with her lightning powers.

Frenchie, in awe, comments ‘girls do get it done’.


Stormfront goes to try and get Ryan back, but Becca resists. When Stormfront is about to kill Becca, Ryan unleashes his laser powers – with devastating effects.

He burns Stormfront to a crisp, but catches his mom in the process, and Becca dies.

When Homelander arrives, he finds Stormfront burnt almost beyond recognition. Just as he seems about to dispatch Butcher, Maeve appears and uses the video of the plane crash to blackmail Homelander into standing down.

The ending

Homelander, Starlight and Maeve give a joint press-conference where they pin everything on Stormfront. It’s revealed that Stormfront is imprisoned somewhere unknown, but she’s still alive.

A-Train re-joins the Seven, but there’s no space for the Deep, so he’s still out of luck.

Butcher hands Ryan over to Mallory, so his safety is guaranteed now.

Finally, Hughie gets a new job with congresswoman Victoria Neuman. This could turn out to be very bad for him, however – Neuman is actually the supe behind the exploded heads, in a shocking twist no one saw coming.

Thankfully season 3 has already been confirmed, so we won’t be left desperate to know what happens next for too long.

You can stream both seasons of The Boys now with a 30 day free trial from Amazon Prime Video.

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