If you’ve watched Netflix on your TV today, you may have noticed an interesting new feature.

A ‘Shuffle Play’ option might have popped up beneath your user profile, or on the home screen, or in the menu – or even in all three of these places. It may also be called ‘Play Something’.

Selecting this feature will cycle through Netflix’s library and choose you something to watch – so if you’re indecisive, or overwhelmed by Netflix’s impressive selection of content, there’s a quick way to find something new to try. Plus, the random selection is based on your viewing history or titles saved in your ‘My List’, so there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy what Netflix choose for you.

At the moment, the feature is just being tested and is only available to some users, and only on TV. However, if people respond well there’s a chance shuffle could become a permanent feature on Netflix: ‘The purpose of the test is to make it easier for members to find something to watch,’ a spokesperson for Netflix said. ‘The hope is to absolutely productize something.’

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