It wasn’t too long ago that the seventh instalment of 90 Day Fiance was on our screens, and now that it’s over, fans are keen to see what their favourite couples are up to now. Just because the pairings lasted on camera, doesn’t mean they made it through once they returned to everyday life.

The season ended with the Tell All back in February 2020, which means several months have passed since the couples were on our screens. So who is still saying I do to their partner and who has given up? Here’s the latest.

These couples were on 90 Day Fiance season 7:

  • Emily and Sasha
  • Anna and Mursel
  • Michael and Juliana
  • Tania and Syngin
  • Robert and Anny
  • Blake and Jasmin
  • Mike and Natalie
  • Angela and Michael

Emily and Sasha

The pair met in Russia and soon fell in love. The pair now have a son called David, who was born overseas despite Emily’s family wanting her to give birth in the US. After a long wait, Sasha was granted his visa and they moved across the pond. 

Recently, Sasha landed a job working as a personal trainer in LA. Meanwhile, Emily is working on a Human Resource certification while being dedicated to her mom role. She spoke about how David is ‘110% his father’s son and will sleep when he decides to. That’s okay. I’ll sleep when I’m retired.’ 

Emily currently has over 78k followers on her verified Instagram account, where she posts many photos of her family. She also has a Cameo and regularly posts Stories to her page.

Anna and Mursel

Arguably one of the strongest couples on the show, Anna and Mursel are still together and are even looking to have a fourth child in their family. The pair come from different backgrounds, with Mursel being a Turkish Muslim while Anna is a Christian hailing from Nebraska. 

Anna had some difficulty getting her three sons Joey, Gino and Leo to accept Mursel, but now he has been accepted as their stepfather. They are now looking into using a surrogate, with Anna posting on her Instagram – which is verified, with over 270k followers – about family life and beekeeping regularly.

Michael and Juliana

Originally, this couple caused controversy amongst the 90 Day Fiance fanbase, as Michael was in his 40s while Juliana was in her 20s. Rumours emerged that Michael gave her his credit card and let her spend $150k, while his ex-wife Sarah was worried about her role with their children.

However, the pair have been together ever since, even quarantining with Sarah, her new husband and the kids back in April 2020. Now they are in the process of adopting Juliana’s niece and nephew from Brazil, although the pandemic has halted their plans. Juliana regularly posts a mixture of glamorous and family photos on her Instagram, which has over 320k followers.

Tania and Syngin

Ever since their appearance on 90 Day Fiance season 7, Tania and Syngin have had a somewhat turbulent relationship. They recently talked about the possibility of divorcing, but social media would indicate they may be trying to work things out. 

Syngin, originally from South Africa, indicated on a Happily Ever After tell-all that his wife Tania believes he has a drinking problem. However, subsequent photos from Tania’s Instagram – where she has over 98k followers – show her having fun on the beach with her husband, whom she describes as ‘my love’. 

Robert and Anny

This couple were seen on the show experiencing turbulent times, with Robert wondering if Anny – who is originally from the Dominican Republic – could fill the role of stepmother to his young son. However, they recently celebrated their one year wedding anniversary together.

The pair also have a daughter together – whom they named Brenda Aaliyah. Although Robert was originally the subject of controversy after proposing to Anny following just eight hours together in person, it would appear that the risky move turned out to pay off for them both.

Blake and Jasmin

Fans of Blake and Jasmin will be pleased to know that the pair are still together to this day, after getting hitched at the end of season 7. Despite controversy from fans, with some saying the marriage was only for a visa, the couple have remained in a relationship. 

The pair regularly post on Instagram, with a recent Q&A on Jasmin’s page indicating that the pair are doing well and she hopes to return to Finland with him one day. The two even hung out with Michael and Juliana recently in California.

Mike and Natalie

Despite experiencing some relationship drama during season 7, Mike and Natalie are clearly still happy together after tying the knot and regularly share photos on their social media of their date nights. During the show, their opposing religious views proved to be a potential hurdle, and the confessional interview had fans concerned about their future.

However, Mike indicated during February that he felt Natalie was his soul mate, saying ‘I felt like me and Natalie may have reached out in a past life and have crossed paths before’. Natalie regularly posts photos of the pair together, along with her everyday life, on her Instagram page.

Angela and Michael

This couple, who are regularly in the news with updates on their relationship, have appeared in several seasons of the show and are still together despite many turbulent times. In fact, Angela is expected to announce a spin-off show focusing on her weight loss soon, which means she has a loyal fan base just like Darcey and Stacey.

Angela is currently waiting for Michael to get to America, and it’s safe to say that plenty has led up to this moment. For example, Michael’s cheating drama, a break-up during a Tell-All and a baby dilemma all made for juicy viewing. The pair are married now, though, and still seem to be going strong.

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